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I Was,

I Am,

I Will Be

2019 | Drama | Romance Germany | France

120 mins | Colour

German, Turkish, French

Director: Ilker Çatak

This is a superb film, which won Best Screenplay at Munich Film Festival. Kurdish gigolo Baran dreams of a future in Europe, while German pilot, Marion, is struggling to come to terms with a difficult medical diagnosis. When the two meet at the Turkish holiday resort of Marmaris, they engage in a kind of mutually beneficial double-cross, which rapidly evolves into something far deeper. The film cleverly charts how and why the pursuit of a better life in Europe is not so straightforward as it might be. However, while the past might be troubled and the present complicated, the hopeful promise of the future, gives this picture real bite, leading to a conclusion which is both unforced and deeply satisfying.

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